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Review: Charlotte Crossley & Ava Nicole Frances

Present Empowered Women in MUTUAL ADMIRATION at 54 Below

An inter-generational group of strong, supportive women is a thing of beauty.

by Stephen Mosher May. 10, 2022

It may not have been designed to be a celebration of womanhood, but that is what the show MUTUAL ADMIRATION turned out to be, when it played Feinstein's/54 Below on May 1st. This duo show starring show biz veteran Charlotte (Charlo) Crossley and Ava Nicole Frances was, first, created to showcase two women with extraordinary talents and great respect (and, clearly, love) for each other. The more experienced Crossley met the fledgling Frances at a concert and the two saw something in each other that they felt could translate into a strong friendship and a great sister act (for lack of a better description) and, with the help of director Frank Silletti, they put together a show that played the West Coast and even got a live recording. Happy, satisfied, and excited by this first venture, the trio booked the evening onto the East Coast, to 54 Below, and then saw their dreams put on hold for a couple of years. A lot happened in those two years. The nature of the industry changed, Washington saw a Changing of the Guard, the Junior member of the team clocked enough years and experience to, officially, be considered an adult, and both ladies decided to each invite one close female friend into their program. The result was an evening of entertainment that doesn't come along every day.

Leave it to the women.


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