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Interview: Charlotte Crossley And Ava Nicole Frances of MUTUAL ADMIRATION at Feinstein's/54 Below

They say good things are worth waiting for but the big question is: whose wait has been longer? The ladies of MUTUAL ADMIRATION or the 54 Below audiences? Although Broadway veteran Charlotte Crossley and up-and-comer Ava Nicole Frances had announced the New York debut of their Duo Nightclub Act, it was back-burnered by circumstances beyond their control. Now, two years later, the multi-generational best friends are ready to say hello to the audience that had tickets before the pandemic, and the ones who are just getting tickets because they have gotten to know Ava and Charlo through their album or through the internet. To sweeten the deal, the two women have made the program an evening of female empowerment by inviting a couple of friends to swing by and join in the fun: Ula Hedwig and Kate Loprest.

While Crossley and Frances are busily flying into the city and setting up rehearsals, both actresses generously took some time out to do a little q&a with Broadway World Cabaret to discuss the past, the future, their dynamic, and the experience of being strong women in show business.


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