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Teenaged Singer Releases Anthem 'One World' Honoring Her Two Dads

Gays With Kids August 7, 2020

16-year old, San Francisco-based rising singer and actress Ava Nicole Frances, daughter of two gay dads, has released an anthem song for the times, called 'One World.'

Ava explains:

Hello! My dads and I have produced this song and music video to unite what is currently a fractured world. One World is a very special song. It is an anthem for hope, unity, equality, and the belief that we can all, as humans, learn to love and accept each other no matter the differences between us. Being adopted into a family of two gay dads, I have been a huge advocate for human rights, LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, minority rights, etc. In other words, I believe in human dignity.

Because I’m adopted, I have a unique view on the word “family”. I have two dads who have raised me and loved me, but my family doesn’t stop there. I have many mother figures in my life, including my birth mother, and Charlo Crossley, my onstage partner and offstage mother figure. Family has never been defined by blood for me. I have never seen any reason for there to be boundaries in who we consider family due to skin color or ethnicity or sexuality. Family is who stands by you and supports and loves you no matter what. 

I feel that One World truly encapsulates what I’ve always been trying to say. I sing this song for every person out there who feels like the world is too much. I sing it for everyone ready to give up hope on a more equal world. I sing it for every kid who doesn’t feel represented in the media today. I sing it for all the people out there who want to see everyone on equal footing. I am trying to let it be known that not only is who you are okay, but each one of us should be praised and accepted and represented. 

On this song I teamed up with five incredibly talented ladies: Charlo Crossley, Debbie Dye, Scherrie Payne, Joyce Vincent and Pam Vincent -- all legendary divas! With extensive fabulous careers of their own, it was an honor and a privilege to work with all of them. The One World family is multi-ethnic and multi-generational, and we believe that each person on this planet has something so uniquely them. That is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated.

So, in the spirit of celebrating all people, I have chosen to partner with the Save The Children fund to benefit those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. All proceeds, downloads, and donations from the song go to that charity. I hope I can count on your support! No donation is too small. J Please visit

Please watch, stream, and download One World anywhere you listen to music: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc.  (Plus, for all you parents, if you want a good cry, also listen to One World’s sister song, I Am Your Child!)

Wishing us one world! 


Ava Nicole Frances


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