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BWW Feature: Ava Nicole Frances Inspires with ONE WORLD

With an impressive group of Divas to back her up, Ms. Frances steps further into the light.

Ava Nicole Frances, a rising star to be sure, has been working with Broadway veteran and recording artist Charlo Crossley for a while now, doing club acts and releasing an album, but the twosome completed some work during the last six months that may, well, be their greatest collaboartion to date. Frances and Crossley have recorded the song "One World" written by legendar disco songwriters Bob Esty and Paul Jbara, then created a music video to go with the recording, and both the efforts are something to sing about.

Mr. Esty, the man who gave the world "Take Me Home" and "The Main Event", was a personal friend of Ms. Crossley; knowing this, Ava asked Charlo to approach the songwriter to inquire whether he might have a song that was appropriate for a singer Ava's age (16) and Esty's instincts led him to a demo, thirty years old, once recorded by the late, great Donna Summer. In its original incarnation "One World" was a companion piece for a song titled "We're Gonna Win" and was meant as a musical apology from Ms. Summer and a voice of support for the gay community during the AIDS crisis. Hoping to avoid controversy for Ms. Summer, the song was never released, making Ava Nicole Frances the first artist to ever record and release the anthem, extremely appropriate for these times.

Ms. Frances knew "One World" was the right song for these times, times when the world, especially the young, crave unity, so the singing actress produced the track with her two fathers, Frank Silletti and Sonny Vukic of Daddios Productions, acting as executive producers, and Ms. Crossley alongside them as Associate Producer. An artist with an extensive show business family, Ms. Crossley reached out to some disco-era talents and formed the One World Family, thus providing young Ms. Frances with an impressive group of back-up singers that include Crossley herself, Scherrie Payne, Debi Dye, Joyce Vincent and Pam Vincent. A world beat was chosen to highlight the Esty/Jabara classic groove by music producer Miguelli at Avocado Street Studios.

Neither Mr. Jabara nor Mr. Esty would live to see their song released: Jabara died in 1992 and Esty was lost to cancer on September 27th, 2019.

Ava Nicole Frances, a socially concious woman, focused intently on singing "One World" and bringing the unifying lyrics to the people: "The world has forgotten that words matter. Words inspire action!" To further the message of the uplifting tune, Team Frances/Charlo created a socially distanced and responsible music video shot in the Los Angeles and San Franscisco areas, paying strict adherence to community restrictions and keeping all participants safe, and the resulting video is a work of art reflecting the curious times in which we are now living. Per Frances and the estates of both songwriters, all proceeds from the sale of "One World" will be donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN, with the hope of creating one world for our chidlrens future.

"One World" was released in July with an accompanying recording titled "I Am Your Child" and both recordings are abailable on all digital platforms and at, as is Ava's fundraising link for direct donations to Save the Children. "I Am Your Child" is Ava's cover of the Barry Manilow/Martin Panzer classic. Its hauntingly beautiful themes resonate today and link the generations. Previously recorded by adult vocalists, it is believed that Ava is the first artist under 18 to record the song.

See the music video for "One World" below:

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